About Private Packs

Private Packs has reimagined the therapy pack and sculpted it for the female intimate areas that conform to the body's natural contours to deliver comfort that’s discrete. We will transform the healing process for women in their most sensitive areas, specifically after childbirth, surgery, and intercourse. Our dedication to helping individuals achieve comfort has led to the creation of the most elegant cooling and heating packs on the market – made with the highest quality materials and artistry.  It’s what we believe in – and what our customers deserve.


Founder's Story

It all started with frozen vegetables. I had just gone in for my regular Brazilian wax, but this time, instead of the fresh and clean feeling I usually experience, I was left hairless, skinless and with burns on my privates.

In excruciating pain, I searched online for an ice pack for my intimate area, and I could only find bulky, messy, undignified solutions. I was in so much discomfort that I even commandeered a bag of frozen peas and carrots from my freezer and tried to use that! Unfulfilled – and left with the world’s worst shepherd’s pie – I decided to create one myself.

After sharing my horrific story – and my idea – with my girlfriends one by one, they started to say, "I wish I had one after my baby," or “I could use that after my spinning class," and the stories kept coming. I soon realized that there was a real need for what was percolating in my mind. And so, Private Packs was born!

The core idea behind Private Packs is that women should not suffer in silence, whether as a result of childbirth, sports activities, surgery, aesthetic mishaps, or intercourse. Many individuals suffer quietly due to lack of options, lack of education, or shame, but it is my goal to meet the needs of all women with the design of Private Packs, providing comfort that's outside of the box.