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The Difference

With our patent technology, these revolutionary therapeutic packs are designed specifically for your private areas. Whether you've just had surgery, are pregnant, menstruating or struggling with severe pain, our packs are specifically designed to sooth and leave you with lasting comfort,


You deserve better

When we found out there wasn't a therapeutic pack designed with our privates in mind, we knew we had to do something about it. FDA approved, Private Packs offers you that cooling or warming comfort without the embarrassment of having to use a bag of ice or a heat pad. Crafted specifically for your privates, our product is safe, reusable and allows you to go on about your day in comfort and ease.

Hear what they had to say


I would buy multiple packs or sleeves for my needs. It would be nice to change out a hot or cold without having to wait for it to cool or be reheated/boiled.
— Sybille, 42 Endometriosis
I wish I had something better than the bag of peas I had to use after my vasectomy!
— George, 36
My vagina felt like it was smeared with a jalapeño from my UTI. My cold Private Pack gave me instant relief.
— Sue, 38

Make the world a better place

We're making a difference in our community by supporting rape victims at our local Police Stations in New York City. Every purchase made, Private Packs will donate a pack to somebody suffering in pain. As a brand, we feel passionately about ensuring the safety and protection of women around the globe, that's what drives us everyday to make quality products meant to serve you. We know our small gesture won't change the world, but we hope to instill small seeds of change because we know we deserve better.

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