Heating and Cooling Pads for your Genitals
Suzanne Sinatra, Founder & CEO  Want to learn more about me?  Click here

Suzanne Sinatra, Founder & CEO

Want to learn more about me? Click here

I created Private Packs because I am appalled at the crappy choices we vulva owners have available to us to ease our privates.

We either have to make something or use frozen veggies down there. I understand and applaud you for being resourceful, but enough is enough.

As CEO and a WOMAN, I want to elevate YOUR intimate area recovery experience. My goal is to bring happiness to your privates without shame and judgment.

Genital comfort doesn’t have to be unsexy or clunky.


Company Mission

I design innovative, elegant and effective personal wellness products that promote health, comfort, happiness, empowerment, and self-care through knowledge sharing because healing does not have to be ugly and unsexy.

Private Packs is gender inclusive, and speaks to you NOT at you.


The Advisors


Kameelah A. Phillips, MD

Dr. Phillips is a Board Certified OB/GYN. Lenox Hill Hospital affiliate and Private Practice. Member of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist.


Roslyn Hendriks, PhD

Roslyn Hendriks is an experienced CEO & entrepreneur with success in founding new companies, coaching executives and companies.


Private Packs is an alum of:

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