General Questions

Why should I use Private Packs personal pads? Cool and heat therapies are known effective treatment methods to reduce swelling, ease discomfort and promote healing. What makes Private Packs special is the shape of our pads, there reusable and they can be used down there after vaginal childbirth, episiotomy, cosmetic procedures, beauty services such as bikini & Brazilian waxing, sports trauma, sexual activity, yeast infection, STI’s, pelvic floor physical therapy, saddle numbness, or as a part of your beauty and self-care routine and more.

Why are Private Packs better than store-bought or homemade cool/heat packs? Frankly, standard cool/heat packs aren’t designed for use on the genitals. With our patented design, we kept your lifestyle in mind. Private Packs are lightweight and sleek, and has a comfortable fit. It’s the only cool and heat option currently on the market that is made specifically for use…down there.

Where are Private Packs made? Founded in Brooklyn, NY, our protective sleeves are made in Massachusetts and California. Our reusable protective sleeve fabric and our design patented personal pads are made in China using American manufacturing specifications and quality control. Our goal is to be 100% Made in America.

Can a man use this product? At Private Packs, we believe that everyone has a right to soothing hot or cold comfort and relief, but we designed our pads for vulva owners to use. As for the non-vulva owners, we are going to produce a penile region pack soon, so let us know if you want one.

General Use


How long should I use my pack for? Many health professionals recommend continuous use for a maximum of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. This procedure can be repeated as needed.

How long will the temperature last? The pads are designed to deliver temperature up to 20 minutes. This time may be lengthened or shortened because of ambient temperature, clothing or body temperature. If you are unsure about your personal recommended treatment time, please consult a medical professional prior to use.

Does one pack size fit all? While everyone’s bodies are different, we based the dimensions on scientific research to ensure that they comfortably fit the widest possible range of body types. Our currently available size is L/XL and covers the entire external genitalia from the clitoris to the anus. We will be releasing a S/M later this year.

Will my pack break if I sit on it? You may sit on it or lay down with it. They CAN be punctured, so beware of sharp fingernails, zippers, undergarments with metal components or other sharp objects.

If I use lube or an oil on myself will it destroy the pad? You can use your favorite water or silicone based lubricants, oils or any other liquid such as witch hazel with your Private Packs. Please keep them away from acetone-based liquids such as nail polish remover.


How do I clean my personal pad? Both the cool and heat pads can be washed with soapy water, then air dried or with a non-abrasive cloth or paper towel. The pads and reusable protective sleeves should be cleaned after every use. Follow the instructions provided in the Instruction Manual provided with your product.

What are the pads made from? Both pads are made with PVC and are latex-free. The heating pad contains food grade salt and is water soluble. The cool pads contain water and Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) powder. CMC powder is widely used in ice cream and bakery products. Both are reusable. However, everyone has different levels of sensitivity, and as such, our product may cause an allergic reaction or irritation in susceptible individuals. Discontinue use if the pack is damaged or ruptured in any way. If ingested, please contact your physician or a poison control center in your area immediately.

Can the pads cause frostbite or burns? While exposure to cold and heat can ease pain and swelling, if left on the skin for too long it may cause bodily injuries. Do not use the pads for longer than indicated.

NOTE: Everyone has a different level of tolerance for cold and hot temperatures. Therefore, we recommend removing the pack from your skin if it causes any discomfort.

What health conditions should I consider before using the personal pads? Please check with your physician before using Private Packs if you are concerned you might be at risk or if you have a open cut.

How should I store my Private Packs? It is recommended that the cool pads be stored in the freezer and the heat pads stored in the fridge. Keep both away from sharp objects.

The gel seems to be disappearing over time. Is that normal? The gel inside your pad will eventually start breaking down due to normal wear and tear. This is perfectly normal - and the pad is still usable. Once the gel inside the pad begins to dissipate it may be time to replace it and get a new pad.


Can I share my Private Packs with someone else? We do not recommend sharing our products. They are meant to be used by you. Go ahead and be selfish.

Are my pads machine washable? No. Please do not put our pads in a washing machine or dryer. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your washer/dryer, pads or any bodily harm you may experience if you continue to use our pads after it has been in the washing machine and/or dryer.

Can I microwave the cool or heat pack? No, do NOT put either pad in the microwave under any circumstance. It will damage the product and may damage your microwave as well.

My pad has been punctured, can I fix it? No, please safely dispose of your pack if there is a break in the pouch.

I ate some of the gel, what should I do? Our gel is non-toxic, but it is NOT meant to be ingested. If the contents and/or disc is ingested, please contact your physician or a poison control center in your area immediately.

Can children use Private Packs? No, our products are intended to be used by adults only.

Can I use the pad during sex? We are flattered that you are considering using our products during your intimacy time, but our products are not meant to be used during sex. Before or after sex, please do!

Personal Pads


How long should I place my cool pad in the freezer before my first use? Your cool pack should be kept in the freezer for a minimum of 1.5 - 2 hours before use. The time may vary depending on your freezer temperature, make or model.

How cool does the cool pad get? Initially your the cool pad will dip to 10°C/50°F at the lowest. This maximum low temperature may grow warmer with continued use.

Can I boil the cool pad? No. Boiling the cool pad will cause irreparable damage.


Can the heat pad overheat? The pack will not exceed 50°C/122°F once it has been activated. Before application, please test the activated pad in the provided sleeve on your inner wrist to test the temperature for your particular sensitivity.

Can I use my heat pad as a cool pad? No, the heat pad should not be used as a cool pad. It will not be as effective as the cool pad because the heat pad is not designed to freeze. In fact, if an un-activated heat pad is left in the freezer for too long, the liquid will become thicker and may activate the disc, causing it to become warm in the freezer. This will not cause the pad to deteriorate but may melt nearby frozen items in the freezer, such as desserts or meats. (Ben & Jerry, you’ve been warned).

My pad arrived already as a solid. Is it broken? Nothing is wrong. The pad may have activated due to shipping activity. To return your heat pad to liquid form, simply follow the normal boiling instructions provided in your instruction manual.

What is the maximum temperature the heat pack can reach? Initially, your heat pad can reach up to 50°C/122°F, although that maximum temperature may become lower with repeated use.

How do I speed up the heating process? After clicking the disc, you will notice material within the pack gradually crystallize. When this begins, shake the pack vigorously to increase the crystallization process. Then, squeeze and massage the pad to soften the pack and make it more pliable.

When I use my heat pad it sometimes becomes hard. Is that OK? Do not worry, this is completely normal. As the product crystallizes, it will become firm. To prevent this from happening, simply knead the pack until it’s pliable.

What are the boiling instructions for the heat pad? Completely submerge the heating pad in boiling water. If you would like, you can wrap the heat pad in a wash towel or other cloth to avoid direct contact between the pad and the pot. Direct contact could damage the film of the pad. Submerge the towel-wrapped pack for approximately 7-15 mins. The gel inside the pad must be completely free of all crystals. Keep pack submerged until the liquid is completely clear otherwise the pad will recrystallize on its own. Use caution when removing the heat pad from the hot water. Do not leave product unattended while boiling. Allow heat pad to cool completely before storage or reuse.

My heat pad did not completely dissolve from the boiling, now what? A common issue after cooling is that the heat pad can reactivate without clicking the disk. This can happen if not all the crystals are dissolved because it has not been boiled long enough. Simply re-boil the pack for a longer time than the first boil until all of the crystals have dissolved and the pack is no longer opaque. Again, use caution when removing the heat pack from the hot water. Allow heat pad to cool completely before storage or reuse.

My heat pad is no longer as warm as when I first purchased it, what do I do? While your heat pad slowly loses their temperature over several repeated sessions, each pad should last you multiple uses. However, if after 1-2 uses the pad no longer heats up properly, simply email us and we'll take care of you.

Protective Sleeves


What materials are used to make the light absorbent reusable protective sleeves? Our reusable protective sleeve is made with XX fabric that is XX XX

How much liquid can the light absorbent reusable protective sleeves hold? Very little. NOTE: The sleeves are meant to be a barrier between you and the product. The sleeves are not meant to be a replacement for a sanitary napkin or incontinence pad.


What materials are used to make the disposable protective sleeves? Our disposable protective sleeve is XX% and %XX.

Are the disposable protective sleeves reusable? No our disposable sleeves are NOT REUSABLE and should be disposed of after each use.

How do I use the disposable protective sleeves and my heat or cool pack during menstruation? If you use a tampon or menstrual cup during menstruation, you can use the disposable protective sleeve and your Private Packs as you regularly would. If using a pad during menstruation, place the disposable reusable protective sleeve on top of your menstrual pad.

What about leaks? Our disposable sleeves are NOT absorbent, so we suggest you use a backup method to prevent accidents involving the discharge of blood or other bodily fluids.